Welcome to Module 2: Stakeholder Engagement

We are excited to have you as part of our online learning community. This course is designed to help you develop your skills and knowledge in Change Management . The course is divided into 9 modules, each covering a specific topic related to Change Management. To get started, please follow the instructions below.

Course curriculum

    1. Module 2: Stakeholder Engagement

    2. The Nine Learning Pathways Modules

    3. Change Management Learning

    4. Stakeholder Engagement Module

    5. People Centricity Change Methodology

    6. Who is a Stakeholder

    7. Stakeholder Groups

    1. Stakeholder Engagement

    2. Stakeholder Engagement

    3. Stakeholder Engagement

    4. Stakeholder Engagement

    5. Stakeholder Engagement

    6. Why is it important?

    7. Welcome to Stakeholder Engagement Video

    8. Watch : Stakeholder Engagement Video

    9. Reflection

    10. Reflection

    11. What are the stages in stakeholder engagement?

    12. Stages in stakeholder engagement

    13. Identifying stakeholders continuously

    14. Knowledge check: Who is a stakeholder?

    15. Knowledge check: Who is a stakeholder

    16. Who is responsible for engaging with stakeholders

    17. Best Practice & Insights

    18. What is the purpose of stakeholder engagement

    19. Purpose of stakeholder engagement

    1. What is Communication Approach?

    2. Communications Approach

    3. Communications Principles

    4. Communication Channels

    1. What is stakeholder analysis?

    2. Welcome to How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis: Audio

    3. Listen to: How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis: Audio

    4. How do I get started?

    5. Stakeholder Analysis workshop

    6. Bring it to life: Stakeholder Identification

    7. Bring it to life: Stakeholder Analysis :Influence and Impact

    8. Which quadrant we should focus on

    9. Assessing Influence and Impact

    10. Bring it to life: High-level change Impact

    11. Bring it to life: Stakeholder Engagement Plan

    12. Stakeholder Engagement Pyramid

    13. Welcome to the Importance of Stakeholder Engagement: Audio

    14. Listen to: the Importance of Stakeholder Engagement: Audio

    15. How do we know if we have been effective in our stakeholder engagement?

    16. Outcomes from Stakeholders Engagement

    17. Welcome to Stakeholder Engagement Scenario based: Video

    18. Watch: Stakeholder Engagement Scenario based: Video

    1. Case Study: Stakeholders Engagement

    1. Summary of Stakeholder Engagement Module

    2. Congratulations on completing Module 2

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Please make sure you set the zoom on your browser to 100% so that the module displays as intended. The module main topics and subtopics are listed in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the course page. To access a specific topic or subtopic, click on its title in the menu, and a dropdown menu with the subtopics will appear. Each module has a progress bar that shows the percentage of the content you have completed. This feature will help you track your progress and know how much more you have to complete to finish the course. Audios and videos are included throughout the session, ensure you test your computer.
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To complete the course, you'll need to work through each module and complete all of the associated subtopics. Here's what you need to do: Read the module overview: Each module begins with an overview of the topics that will be covered. Read this overview carefully to get a sense of what you'll be learning. Complete the subtopics: Each module includes several subtopics. Work through each subtopic carefully, taking notes as needed. Our modules include audio, video, or downloadable materials, such as reflective practice template, to help you reinforce your learning. Take the quizzes: In the middle of the course, there will be quizzes as knowledge checks to help you assess your understanding of the module. These quizzes are designed to help you reinforce your learning and prepare you for the final assessment. Here are the 9 modules: Module 1: Change In Practice Module 2: Stakeholder Engagement Module 3: Change Impact Assessment Module 4: Change Champions Module 5: Case for Change Module 6: Personas Module 7: Change Risk and Change Resistance Module 8: Change Readiness Module 9: Post Implementation Review We hope you find this course to be informative and engaging. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck and happy learning!
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